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Suburban Direct Discharge RV Furnace - RV Furnace CatalogFeaturing the Suburban NT Direct Discharge RV Furnace. It's DuckTec for your RV Heating Solution

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Suburban NT Direct Discharge Furnaces
The Utility of these Ultra Compact Furnaces - Heaters is Simply UNLIMITED
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NT Direct Discharge FurnaceThese Suburban NT Series furnaces are incredibly compact and lightweight. But even with their small size and amp draw of 2.8 these gas furnaces are capable of heating sizeable living areas quickly and efficiently, with capacities from 12,000 to 19,000 BTUH. These units install easily since they require no ducting and come with electronic ignition. These units are direct discharge furnaces with attractive grilles for zone heating of smaller RVs, Boats, Trailers, Truck Campers and even Pop-Ups. All NT-DD units are 9 1/2'' H x 9 3/4'' W x 21'' D. Actual weight is 25 lbs. All units are 12 Volt DC Powered with low Amp Draw and are Propane Gas Fired. These units are the most versatile Heaters/Furnaces on the market today. These Heaters are simply Ultra Compact, Light-Weight and Powerful.

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Suburban $544.69
Suburban NT-16SE
16,000 BTUH
12 Volt

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Suburban $586.54
Suburban NT-20SE
15% OFF!!!
19,000 BTUH
12 Volt


CLICK HERE 30 Amp 12 Volt Power Supply PD9130 $196.64
30 Amp 12 Volt Power Supply PD9130
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Output: 13.6 VDC, 30 AMPS Continuous Power
Input: 105-130 VAC, 500 WATTS
Reliable Filtered DC Power
Size: 4.5" X 7" X 7.2"

Two Ultra Compact Ducted units have been included here. They share the same incredible Performance, Weight and Dimensions as their Ultra Compact Direct Discharge brother above. But, as you can see they have no vent for Direct Discharge. These units are Ducted units. They can provide a more even heat distribution throughout the area to be heated. These Units feature Two 4" Diameter Round Duct Outlets. This allows you to mount the furnace remotely and duct the heat to the places you want it.

CLICK HERE to ORDER the Suburban NT-16s $574.89
Suburban NT-16S
16,000 BTUH
12 Volt

NT-16S is a Ducted Heater/Furnace that can provide a more even heat distribution ...

CLICK HERE to ORDER the Suburban NT-20s $626.98
Suburban NT-20S
19,000 BTUH
12 Volt

NT-20S is a Ducted Furnace that can provide a more even heat distribution ...

The Suburban DD-17DSI Direct Discharge Furnace has been included here.
These direct discharge heaters are designed for small to mid-size RVs and install easily, since they require no ducting. They are reliable, will heat small zones quickly and are easy to service if necessary.
This model requires only a single 4-inch outside vent opening The Exhaust Vent assembly is sold separately.

Suburban DD-17DSI $656.59
Suburban DD17DSI
15% OFF Order Yours Today !!!
17,000 BTUH
12 Volt
Direct Discharge

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